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When it comes to super-affordable drugstore makeup, two brands come to my mind: NYC and Wet n Wild. While they both provide good and cheap fixes for my makeup cravings, NYC sometimes seems to have the upper hand. A while back, I won some coupons from NYC that could be redeemed for makeup at the drugstore and I waited until the week CVS had a buy one get one half off sale to cash out. And boy oh boy, it was good.

It came from words of the mouth that I picked up 4 eyeshadow quartets from NYC's "In a New York Color Minute" collection. Although I have no idea if these quads are in the permanent lineup or not, I really hope they stay because they are really great.

There are 5 quartets and some couple of duos but I only picked the quads because it gives me more bang for my bucks. The four quads I got are Union Square, Chelsea Chic, Lexington Luxury, and South Street Seaport. The one I did not get is Best of Broadway as the colors are similar to those in the other quads.

Union Square

This quad makes a good day time eye combo and the all over lid color is very pretty, almost looks like Amber Lights, which I truly love.

Chelsea Chic

This is my most favorite quad of the four: it has a party vibe and the colors blend very well with each other. Also, Chelsea Chic is the only colorful quad in this collection, the other quads are more neutral.

Lexington Luxury

After Chelsea Chic, I also love Lexington Luxury as it is a netraul-smokey eye palette. Doing a smokey eyed look with this quad is really easy as the colors blend seamlessly with each other.

South Street Seaport

For those who loves pinks, this quad is for you. It gives you a cute neutral pink look that is very office-appropriate.

And the wonderful thing about these quads is the included instruction. I think the people from NYC are quite genius to spell everything out for their customers. If you're new to makeup, I highly suggest you to get them as they are almost goof proof.

The swatch

Texture-wise, these eye shadows are soft and blendable. They remind me a lot of Clinique eye shadows but without the price tag. The colors are also very Clinique-like as they are neutral and conservative. The only downside of these quads is the size: they are really small! To me, they would be perfect for traveling: I would pop Chelsea Chic (night time palette) and Lexington Luxury (day time palette plus liner) in my travel bag and forget about what I need to bring. The brushes included in the quads are quite useless but they are really cute, and I did not have the heart to throw them away. At $3.99 a pop, these quartets are a steal and I am glad to get them in the right timing.

That's all for today, folks! Have you tried the NYC Metro Quartets? What do you think? Please let me know in the comment section.


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