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Belly was such a charmer: after bossing me around for years, he gave me Benefit Coralista blush as a Christmas present. I can't complain: home boy has good taste. Coralista is one of those blushes that gives me a healthy glow without being too bright. However, after being a beauty blogger for almost 2.5 years, a lot of colors have become similar to me. When I did some necessary post-Christmas stash cleaning, I realized I have another blush that is somewhat similar: Rimmel London Autumn Catwalk. $28 vs. $5, which one would come out on top?

Let the High-Low battle begin!

Benefit Coralista blush ($28 USD): "a warm coral-pink powder that warms up your complexion"
It comes with a cute Itahake kabuki brush made of goat hair
Close up at Coralista
 Wanna see what Autumn Catwalk looks like? Jump!

Rimmel London Lasting Finish blush in Autumn Catwalk: it is a multi-tonal blush and highlighter ($5 USD)
This blush comes with a small brush: cute but quite useless to me
Close-up at Autumn Catwalk
Gotta love the embossed crown
The swatch
As you can see, Benefit Coralista has only one color. Also, it is a lot lighter than Rimmel Autumn Catwalk blush, which is a multi-tonal blush and highlighter combo. However, this is where things get a little bit tricky: to some people, Coralista is not really a blush but an all-over face color that gives your face a nice glow like you just came back from the beach. Rimmel London Autumn Catwalk, on the other hand, is a full-blown blush and highlighter combination with two blushes and a highlighter. The lightest color is a highlighter while the middle and darkest shades can be used as daytime and night time blushes. See, I told you this is tricky!

With all that said, the shades are quite comparable, with Coralista being more on a peachy side. However, as I did the swatch, I realized the middle shade of Autumn Catwalk is very close to Coralista but with a pinkier tone.

Pigmentation-wise, Autumn Catwalk wins hands down. I still can't get over how pigmented this color is. Every time I use it, I have to remind myself to use a very light hand. Otherwise, I would end up with pinky clown cheeks. If I place my slanted blush brush properly, I can get the lightest shade on top to highlight and the darkest shade at the bottom to contour. The lightest shade has shimmer while the two other ones are matte, which is nice for the days you only want matte blush. Swirling the three shades together will get you a nice warm pink color. Again, use a light hand, this blush is very pigmented!

Au contraire, Coralista is more of a natural and buildable blush. In fact, it is the only blush from Benefit that shows on my cheeks. Dandelion and Thrrob, although are very nice colors, did not show up on my skin at all! A sales associate from Sephora advised me to go with Coralista, since it has a more golden tone. This blush has some really fine shimmers that end up looking very natural on my cheeks. Whenever I wear it, reality is blurred: I can't tell if I'm blushing or if it's Coralista. This color matches my natural flushing cheeks, y'all!

Weight-wise, you get more stuff from Coralista. Like many other Benefit blushes, you get 12 grams of powder. Autumn Catwalk, on the other hand, has 4.5g of material. Cost per gram, you pay $2.33/g for Coralista and $1.11/g for Autumn Catwalk. However, you get a cute goat hair Itahake brush with Coralista (it's soft but like many other goat hair brushes, it's sheddy, too!)

The packaging of Coralista is more environmentally-friendly but since it's big and bulky and made out of cardboard, it is not the best option for people who travels a lot. Autumn Catwalk's packaging, on the other hand, is very sleek, albeit a little bit cheap-looking. However, I love the embossed crown at the center of the blush. It makes this blush looks a lot more regal.

Rimmel London multi-tonal blush came out at the same time with MAC Spring Colour Forecast collection from last year. Azalea Blossom ombre blush was a big hit and immediately sold out right off the bat. A lot of people, and by people, I mean reputable sources *ahem* Marie Claire *ahem* singled out Rimmel London Lasting Finish multi-tonal blushes as good dupes. While Autumn Catwalk is not an Azalea Blossom dupe, its sister Summer Fever is. Since Summer Fever is too cool-tone for me, I did not bother buying it. However, recent trips to the drugstores showed me no sign of Summer Fever. I don't know if it's been canned (highly unlikely since it just came out last year) or people got wind of the dupe and bought it with ferocity.

My verdict toward his high-low battle: it's a tie!

Hey, don't roll your pretty eyes at me. I have to admit this is a very tough venture. Both blushes are very nice. One is a budget blush that is very pigmented yet not quite finely milled while the other one is more expensive but has nice packaging and comes with a cute mini itahake blush brush. Most importantly, they make my cheeks look glowy. That's why it is so hard to declare one a winner to the other.

So, what do you think about Coralista and Autumn Catwalk? Do you like them? Please let me know in the comment section, ok?

Disclaimer: Coralista was a gift from Belly the cat, aka El Gato Supremo. I bought Autumn Catwalk with my own money while it was on sale with a coupon.

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