Someone move me to London or Milan, NOW. Let me take up fashion, communications, PR or marketing. Let my soul wonder in a brand new environment, breathe in a fresh new air and meet complete strangers. Or, sponsor me to travel to review about places/hotels. I just want to leave this damned place and do something I'm destined for. I feel like I'm not learning shit in SIM now but I'm forced to churn out reports after reports and having to juggle with TJM at the same time. And fixing a broken heart at the same time. The amount of stress I'm facing now is crazy. I really just want to leave. It's my first time crying in front of my best friends that night, and it never ever happened in my life. I just DON'T cry in front of my friends no matter how terrible I feel, but all hell broke loose and I did.

And I'm so sorry you guys have to see this side of me I never meant to show :/ I'm only human...


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