...like it's your birthday!
If you still don't know what I'm talking about, please listen to this song :) I always want to play this song on my birthday and I finally get to do it *big smile* I still think this is the best song Fiddy ever recorded.

The Beyonce version. I like it better than the original version with only 50cent

On the second thought, I don't think I'm going to party though. Probably just chill with my homies and eat some ice-cream :)

This is officially the biggest serving of ice-cream ever! We had it in a Mexican restaurant in Augusta, GA. It's a fried ice-cream, the best of its kind. Three of us could barely finish it!

And for those who like Pringles, there's something for you:

Have you ever tried Thai Sweet Chili before? Notice anything different? No? Let me show you :)
It's a limited edition item!
Now, even potato chips have LE. I think the limited edition trend is overrated!

Here comes the sentimental part: (you can skip if you want to but I dare you!)

2009-2010 have been good for me so far. I managed to finish my master's degree, which was a pain at some point. I got to be with my mom for six straight months, which was the longest time I've ever spent with her in 9 years. The blog got noticed by companies and I started to receive products to review around this time last year. The companies that sent me products trusted me enough to hold giveaways. To be honest, a big part of me having this blog is being able to give back to my readers. Doing reviews on new items is nice but being able to share the products with you is even better. I am so glad to be able to do so many times over and over again.

Another good thing happened to me is opening Formula D Minerals. So far, the patrons to my Etsy shop are friends and readers. I can't thank you enough to support my shop and give me positive ratings. Of course, Formula D is new and definitely needs your patronage. (And there's a bonus sale going, please don't forget that!)

With this blog, I get to meet new people everyday and I really enjoy the interactions. You guys are the best readers anybody can wish for. I am so lucky to have an opportunity to entertain you. Also, I feel very fortunate to become friends with some of you. It does not feel like just a place to mark my existence online anymore. After two years, this thing feels real. (You may think this is silly but those who blog know what I mean *smile*)

The past birthdays since I started blogging here:
  • 2008: first FOTD (didn't know how to use the camera, ended up with yellow cast photos!), watched Kung-fu Panda with friends
  • 2009: celebrated my birthday with MAC products. Coincidentally, MAC FF sale was near my birthday. I still love the brushes I bought.
This year, I'm waiting for my orders from Sephora and E.L.F. It's nice to celebrate birthdays with makeup, by the way. It's the gift that keeps on giving :)

And while we're talking about makeup, please don't forget to participate in My Makeup Blog's Second Birthday Giveaway.

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