Early call time at 8am and everyone was so listless and tired!

My first look :  glamourous. I look like DA CHANG JIN or those ancient Korean court ladies no????


Corde werking it.

So this is the overall of my first look. Not that da chang jin after all hahah.
Hair - SALON VIM!!!
Make up - Maz from Shu uemura  
Clothes - Love Bonito

My second look :  Retro!
I think Maz is an amazing make up artist (:

And a group picture with all the gorgeous ladies! Such a fun bunch to work with. They are really friendly and nice throughout the whole shoot. Thank God they are all outspoken if not I'd have been super shy and reserved (which I usually am with new people) the whole time!

Miyake looks like a doll and she's super fair and... her face shape is just perfect! Me love!

I don't think I will get my hands on the final photos but they will be up on Salon Vim website soon (: Thank you Salon Vim for this opportunity for picking me to be your "glam" look girl. I'm really flattered cos there so many other bloggers I can easily think of who can pass off as glamourous more than I can. And also it was a great experience to do a commercial aka non-blogshop shoot cos it is a whole new different dynamic of posing (it was a bit hard for me to stray away from blogshop posing since I've been doing it for the past 4 years for TJM and used to for others). And it was definitely fun working with Corde, Miyake, Rachel and Evonne. All whom I've met for the first time and absolutely a joy to be around with. 

Super relieved that 3 out of 4 of my assignments are down and I'm only left with one more! It's really been a very stressful period for me. Swamped with school assignments, and busy with TJM weekly launch, preparation for new JUICESEA design, and other commitments like blog advertorials(coming up soon), putting my upcoming overseas trip together and making all the necessary bookings. *PULLS HAIR* I don't even have time to go for facial or replace my fugly manicure. A few other things are also making me frustrated and edgy, making my overall mood very bad. And I had a very bad night with D last night, plus I'm down with a stomach ache and headche. Really hope all this shit ends soon and PLEASEEEEE let me have a good weekend at the very least.

May we ALL have a great weekend k!
Oh last but not least, new arrivals will be up this Sunday (:



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