Hello everybody,

How are we doing so far?

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for participating in this giveaway. Also, the extra thank you's go to those who took time to tweet. And you totally should, because the extra tweet earns you an extra entry.

I noticed none of you posted on your blogs about this giveaway and I wonder why. Can anybody who participated care to elaborate? I want to know so I can make future giveaways easier for the participants, while giving everbody extra chances to earn entries.

With all that said, I tallied up the result last night (or very early in the morning, depending on how you see it.) There were 17 participants with 1 repeated entry. I guess that person didn't mean to cheat, maybe said person's computer had a problem. Therefore, I deleted the repeated entry. After that, I added an extra chance for those who retweeted and five of you did (thank you so very much!) Therefore, the total came to 22. Since the header took 1 line, the contestants started in row 2 and ended in row 23 in the worksheet.

I used the magic of Random.org to pick the winner and...

Tada! We have one: lucky number 14!

Congratulations, BrooklyShoeBabe! You've been a long time reader and you totally deserve this! Please enjoy this skincare set once it arrives.

Also, this begs a point: when you have a chance to earn an extra entry to a giveaway, please take it! A retweet takes you less than 5 seconds and it earns you an extra chance. You don't even have to follow me on Twitter to do that. Ms. BrooklyShoeBabe had two chances to win and she actually won in one of her chances. It's totally worth it, y'all. And if I haven't convinced you yet, in one of the giveaways I won, I actually won on my second chance (the retweet.) So please don't underestimate an extra chance (or two extra chances in this case.) You will never know how helpful they are. It's not like I want to advertise my blog (ok, I do, a little bit), but the truth is I want you all to win something from this blog. I know it will make you happy. And knowing that will make me happy, too!

Ok, guys, thanks for participating. Again, congratulations to BrooklynShoeBabe. More giveaways are in the horizon. And don't forget we have a blog anniversary next month, meaning a hopefully big giveaway/reader appreciation is on the way.


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