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Happy Monday! Did you guys stayed up to watch "Lost" series finale last night? I did, although I am not a "Lost" follower. I tried to watch for a couple of episodes in season 2 and well, I got lost! The series finale was awesome, all the things from this series make sense to me now. And I want to watch the whole series from beginning to end now, but that may be something to do after May.

Lately, my neck of the woods has been hotter than hot. I bet Hades probably is a bit cooler than the Seven Hills. Yesterday, the temperature was 97 degrees F and by the time I went to bed, outdoor temperature was 78! Needless to say, all day I marveled around town to find cool places to stay because the AC in my apartment would not cut it. And yes, driving in sweat is not a lot of fun, although Christina Aguleira made it sound like something else, you know "sweat dripping over my body, gonna get dirrty" ect.

She can be dirrty but I want to feel dry and cool, cool as a cucumber in 97 degrees F! While I didn't feel so cool, at least some parts of my body were dry, because of this guy:

Dove Clinical Protection original clean, image credit: Amazon.com

Nope, I'm not lying, it's that good. I resisted wearing deodorants for years because of the smell. It's a catch-22, y'all: you don't wear deodorant, you smell; you wear deodorant, you smell (like deodorant). Either way, people knows how you smell. And believe me, the scents of deodorants are pretty strong. Either I have a good nose or that, because I can smell a woman and her deodorant a mile away. The smell sometimes can be a bit obnoxious. And some deodorant smells even give me headache!

But this Dove Clinical Protection is an antiperspirant, meaning if you sweat a lot it will protect you from sweating. And no, it does not block your sweat glands or cause cancer. Those are just rumors. Dove Clinical Protection contains 20% aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex glycine, the highest concentration available for an OTC antiperspirant, hence the name "Clinical Protection".

The one I use is in original scent and it smells like a Dove bar. It also feels like souffle when I apply to my armpits. (Two clicks are enough per side, btw.) The first time I used it, I checked once in a while to see if there's wetness around said areas. Despite the extreme heat and humidity of the south, I did not even drop a sweat there! To top that, this stuff glides on smooth, dries quickly, and does not stain your black/dark clothes. Also, if you just shave, applying this won't sting you. It's a keeper, people!

So, would I buy it again? You betcha! I know it is expensive but you don't use a lot. Since I don't sweat that much, I apply once and forget about it until...well, until I remember about it again, which takes maybe 2 days later. During that time, my underarm areas stay dry and smooth. And no funky gardenia/lilac/coconut/rose/jasmine/cream cheese smell there, either! (I'm just kidding about the cream cheese smell, folks! Can you even think of cream cheese scented antiperspirant?!)

If you want to know how antiperspirant works, How Stuff Works has an informative article. Click here to read it.

And now, a disclaimer for FTC et al: I got this product from a promotional package but I didn't use it until now (because I don't sweat that much in winter.) This is some good stuff, seriously. But again, I don't sweat that much, my sweating is around the normal range. So this is just my experience and you may experience the same if you sweat as much as I do. However, if you have hyperhydrosis, this product will only work to a certain extend and you may need to see a doctor for your condition. For more information about My Makeup Blog's disclosure policy, click here.


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