Daniel and I had been going through a rough patch for the past month but thank God everything is more or less fine/better now. Attended his passing out parade (from his training unit) on Thursday with his family. 
I'm proud of you, always all ways.

Not many pictures of the week cos I didn't bring out my camera.

Friday-work day! Was suppose to go BKK yesterday for a work trip but decided not to anymore. 
But I'll be launching a new collection this week (: 

Spent my wednesday afternoon at Tokyo Bust Express! Will be blogging about it soon (:

And my wednesday outfit photo! Shorts from http://www.drmers.com/ (: Advert will be up DAMN soon also!!

So anyways, MY WEEKEND!!!!

Friday was spent at Alistair's house with all my babies - Alistair, Vera, Ange, Kirk and Alist's girlfriend (:
Did a gift exchange among the girls and Ange bought me Clarisonic ?@!#@$^ Vera and I were damn shocked and happy of course!! Really super thankful for these girls <3

Then Saturday and Sunday was spent with Daniel. We caught two movies cos we haven't watched movies together for damn long!


I'd rate it 4/5 stars!


The plot is really well written, the flow of the movie was very smooth and the ending was pretty unpredictable!
The main cast (younger version of chow yun fat) is damn hot!

His name is Huang Xiao Ming I think!!
I'd urge you guys to watch this movie (:


It's a movie/documentary on operation neptune spear to kill Osama Bin Laden.
Thought the movie was a bit too draggy but it guess it had to be since it has to give so many facts and dates.
Not too bad a movie, just like the fact that it's political and based on a true story.

3 stars for this!


Y'all can read about Osama here if you're interested (:

So basically, that's my week for you! Will come back to this space soon!
Have a good week ahead.



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